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TELOMERASA'S Serum 35 ml


Key asset: vitasource 5%.

  • A purified fraction obtained from roots of Scutellaria baicalensis and standardized in baicalin which delays cellular senescence and recovers characteristics that skin cells had 10 years earlier.
  • Activates the telomerase gene promoter, TERT and induces telomerase expression
  • Fibroblasts treated with Vitasource gain 5 additional cell divisions, which equals a 10% increase


Cellular regeneration booster that improves skin appearance.
Repair the extracellular matrix to achieve a revitalised skin.
Firming and toning action.

Based on the 2009 Medicine Nobel Prize awarded by the research
of telomerase enzyme that rebuilds Telomeres.


Dermatologically tested.
Not GMO (not genetically modified).
No BSE (no component of animal origin).


• Cell activator.
• Smoothes, reainforces and tones.
• Improves cell vitality.

• Restores skin luminosity.

TELOMERASA'S Serum 35 ml