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  • Advantages: the kit contains 6 practical capsules 2.5g, which allow a perfect and effective distribution of the toner composition (0.45 g with a total weight of 5 g). With these proportions, you can significantly save costs and provide the most convenient format for use. A special capsule lock allows to preserve the consistency of the henna and ensure outstanding colouring of the eyebrows.
  • Processing: the LOVELY henna lasts on the skin for 7-14 days and up to 6 weeks on the hair. Applied evenly, it acts gently on the hair without sticking it. The eyebrows can be easily adjusted to the desired shape and colour. You will be exceedingly satisfied with the perfect contour, expressive clarity and even shade.
  • For beautiful eyebrows: henna strengthens the hair follicles, stimulates blood circulation, awakens "sleeping" follicles and stimulates hair growth.
  • All ingredients are carefully selected: they take into account a variety of factors. LOVELY is an exclusive brand that attaches great importance to personal beauty.
  • Materials used: they guarantee the highest quality to achieve the best results. No silicone, no microplastic, no parabens, no perfumes, no mineral oils, no PEGs.

Professional Henna, 6 capsules, 2.5 g, Lovely

color: black
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