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All the way from Italy,  InLei® offers the highest quality lash lift products that give natural lashes beautiful curl and nourishment. 

The highly effective formula of the permanent InLei® "Form 1" works safely and gently on your client's eyelashes. The alkaline pH of this product allows us to open the scales of the hair in a fast and refined way, without damaging it and preparing it for the next fixing substance. 

The formula of the fixing product InLei® "Fix 2" allows to "weld" the curvature of the hair following the shape of the curler used. It works safely and quickly, working in perfect sync with the first substance already used on lashes, InLei® "Form 1". It prepares the texture of eyelashes for the next step, thanks to its perfectly balanced formula with the right percentage of the active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide.

The third step of InLei® Lash Filler Treatment  - "Filler 3" defines, nourishes, thickens and strengthens the lash structure, giving color and shine to our client's eyelashes. This treatment guarantees a thickening of natural hair on average up to 24% in three treatments. The original formula of the InLei® "Filler 3" allows the microparticles of the filler to penetrate inside the hair gently, bonding to the keratin fibers of the hair itself. Thanks to the "Three Regeneration" complex, and to the proper preparation of eyelashes with InLei® "Form 1" and InLei® "Fix 2", it guarantees a stable result and great effectiveness of nourishment and thickening giving new silkiness to eyelashes. InLei® "Filler 3" promotes the proliferation of keratinocytes in the hair.

The Lash Filler treatment has the ability to reach up to the hair bulb feeding them and working also in the following months after the treatment on the structure of the hair bulb.

How to use:

  • Thoroughly cleanse the client's eyelashes area with  InLei® Mousse.
  • Ensure that lashes are well rinsed with  InLei® Saline Solution.
  • Apply eyepatches to secure bottom lashes.
  • Place a selected size of the InLei Silicone Shields on the client's eyelids securing it with  InLei® Fixing Gel.
  • Align the eyelashes in the desired directions using  InLei® Fixing Gel,  InLei® Fillering Tool and  InLei® Helper.
  • Apply a uniform layer of Inlei Form 1 with a brush at 1-2mm distance from the roots without touching and covering the tips of eyelashes. 
  • Leave on for 6 - 12 minutes, based on the thickness of the hair. DO NOT COVER WITH CLING FILM. 
  • Remove the product with dry cotton buds or a clean brush.
  • Apply InLei® Fix 2 with InLei Vincent Brush and leave on the lashes for half the time of Form 1, plus 1 minute (eg. if Form 1 was left for 8 minutes, you would leave Fix 2 for 5 minutes).
  • Remove the product from the lashes with dry cotton buds or a clean brush.
  • Tint the lashes with desired shade by mixing Inlei Tint and InLei Tint Developer at a 1:1 ratio. Apply the tint using a brushand keep it for 6 - 12 minutes, based on the thickness of the hair.
  • Remove the product from the lashes with dry cotton buds or a clean brush.
  • Dispense a few drops of  InLei® Filler 3 and apply evenly to lashes, using it to remove any leftovers of tint and/or Fixing Gel and unstick the lashes from the silicone shields.
  • Remove silicone shields from the eyelids, clean the eyelids and brush the lashes.

Product Contains:
"Form 1"- 1.5ml sachet
"Fix 2" - 1.5ml sachet
"Filler 3" - 1.5ml sachet


InLei Lash Filler System Sachet Kit - ALL 3 Steps

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