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For Advanced Stylists
This is black adhesive for eyelash extension procedure.
This adhesive is resistant to different external conditions like temperature and air humidity.
The color of the adhesive can range from saturated black to gray.
The adhesive force does not depend on its color.
It has a drying time up to 1 second вместо It has instant coupling speed
By using this Lovely adhesive, time of wearing eyelashes will be up to 8 weeks.
A more liquid consistency than Cleopatra adhesive вмсето Liquid consistency
This black adhesive has minimum fumes and vapors.
The optimal conditions for working with the glue is the temperature from +18 to +24 ° С with air humidity from 40 to 70%.  
The shelf life of the adhesive is 6 months from the producing moment.
Expiration date after opening: 2 months


Black Adhesive Lovely "Victoria" 5 ml

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